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We are transforming the way you manage both stationary, and moving machinery. Our IoT trackers offer real-time insights, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

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We are not just about selling IoT trackers. We are about providing solutions that transform your business operations. With our experience and commitment, we are your trusted partner in the world of machinery management.


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Monitor your Machinery in Real-Time

Our IoT Trackers for stationary machines are designed to give you unparalleled control over your machinery. From water pumpts to factory plants, and everything in between. Stay ahead with predictive maintenance and real-time monitoring.

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Real-Time Tracking for Immediate Action

Our IoT trackers provide real-time location data for your machinery, enabling you to take immediate action when necessary and ensuring optimal use of your resources.

Predictive Maintenance for Proactive Management

With our IoT trackers, you can predict maintenance needs and prevent unexpected downtime, ensuring your machinery is always ready when you need it.

Data Analysis for Informed Decisions

Our IoT trackers offer comprehensive data analysis, providing valuable insights into your machinery’s performance and empowering you to make informed management decisions.

As the owner of a business that heavily relies on machinery fleet management, I can confidently say that the solutions provided by Machine-2-Machine have been transformative for our operations. Their innovative IoT solutions have not only enhanced our business operations but also provided us with a level of control and efficiency that we didn’t have before.