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Developed in the Netherlands


The M2M Endianness is a waterproof tracker that can be attached to machines and vehicles to track their location, movement, and other data. The tracker helps with location management, usage, maintenance planning, and theft protection. It can also assist in optimizing daily tasks and workflows, as well as managing multiple locations.

Manage locations, maintenance planning, and machine usage easily.

Keep machines and vehicles safe and secure them against theft.


Optimize daily tasks and workflows.


Developed in the Netherlands


Predictive maintenance

The M2M Endianness can be used for predictive maintenance, allowing you to plan maintenance in advance and prevent downtime, saving costs and extending the lifespan of your equipment.

100% waterproof

The M2M Endianness is IP67 certified! This means that the tracker is completely dust and waterproof for 30 minutes up to 1 meter depth.

Coverage in Europe

The M2M Endianness uses 2 networks, which are LTE-CAT-M1 & NB-IOT. By combining these 2 networks, the tracker can send its location from 31 countries.

Remote diagnostics

Remote diagnostics allows for reading out the type of malfunction within a vehicle from a distance, enabling a mechanic to determine what actions can be taken remotely.

Advanced positioning technology

With both GPS and QZSS capabilities, the device can provide highly accurate location data even in challenging environments, and the geolocate function based on multiple mobile cell towers is an excellent backup option in case GPS signals are weak or unavailable.


The M2M-Endianness has a warranty for the entire duration of the subscription. This way you are always insured for a tracker for your valuable vehicle. If the tracker is opened, the warranty on the tracker will expire.

Theft Prevention

The M2M Endianness can serve as a powerful tool in theft prevention. With its smart motion detection algorithm and location tracking features, the tracker can alert when a machine or vehicle is moved without authorization.

Environmental impact

By using the M2M-Endianness, you can reduce your environmental impact by using your machines and vehicles more efficiently, consuming less fuel, and performing less maintenance, resulting in less waste and lower costs.